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- Google Home Mini - Appx. Value: $79 cdn

- Amazon Fire Tablet 7", 8GB -  Appx. Value: $59 cdn

- Sandisk IXPAND mini for IPhone - Appx Value: $69 cdn

- D-Link AC1750 Wi-Fi Router - Appx Value: $79 cdn

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Launching 2019

Spring / Summer 

Jason Bernard

SpreeSpot Founder 

Are You Tired Of Wasting Your Time And Risking Your Security?

We Are Building A Convenient And Secure Way To Buy And Sell Used Local Goods



Buying used just makes sense. You get a better price, give the item a new life, and can even re-sell it once you are done with it, often times for the same price you paid. This ensures a greener planet with lower emissions, less overcrowded landfills, and bonus - a fatter bank account. 

Having an item shipped thousands of miles before it makes it to my doorstep never quite sat well with me. At least not when it can be sourced from my neighborhood. This creates increased traffic congestion (both in the air and on the roads) and increases world pollution. Failed delivery attempts and returns only compound the problem, along with lost and damaged goods.

I still buy online and have items shipped to my door and love the convenience, I just try to keep it at a minimum when possible.

During the years, I have done my fair share of buying and selling of used goods. I have dealt with far too many "Is it still available" and "do you deliver" requests (adding  "if the ad is still up, item is still available" and "no deliveries" to your listing doesn't seem to help), followed by ghosted replies. I have dealt with numerous no-shows, a few on-site "low-ballers" that tried to make me feel guilty by pointing out the used item i was selling for a fraction of the price was not brand new; as well as numerous scheduling conflicts. This resulted in far too much wasted time and frustrations.

As a buyer, I have driven 20 minute just to find out the item had just been sold to another buyer (even though they promised to hold it for me) , and showing up at a scheduled time to find that no one was home. There have even been a few instances where the item was not at all what was described as well as some pretty strange/awkward dealings with, let's say, "interesting" individuals.

Lucky for me, none of my dealings were near as bad as some of the stories I have heard from others. Unfortunately, there can be great risk when doing something that should be so simple.

A quick online search reveals the following articles: 

So, I decided to try selling online instead, using both the big auction site as well as the famous marketplace site. While this went fairly well for the first 5 items sold, I did feel that the selling fees being charged from the big guys were a tad high, especially when factoring the additional cost and inconvenience of having to ship the item. What turned me away for good however, was on the 6th item, when I got scammed. I lost the item, shipping fees, and on top of it all, received a charge-back fee. I decided there had to be a better way.

Enter SpreeSpot

SpreeSpot is an online classifieds marketplace, where users can buy and sell their items in a secure, convenient, and hassle free way. No more Shipping, meetups with strangers, missed deliveries, wasted fuel driving all over the city, and no more scams. 

We believe marketplace transactions should be: 

  • Quick
  • Easy
  • Convenient
  • Secure
  • Green

Your Help Is Needed

A Marketplace of this type needs a large group of buyers and sellers to function properly, this is why we are having the Prelaunch Campaign. We need to get as many signups as possible so we can "stock the shelves" at launch. I hope you agree that SpreeSpot is needed. Together, we can make this happen.

Please help by signing up and sharing with all your friends. Your support means everything!

- Jason Bernard, SpreeSpot Founder

Join us on our journey to create a better alternative. Find out why we are similar to, while being very different from, kijiji, craigslist, or gumtree.

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